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Mark Nathan the owner established complete Claims Service LLC in March of 1980.  Originally he founded and operated Complete Claims Service from his home.  As the quality, service, sincerity and commitment from Mark became self-evident the business started to grow on a consistent basis.  From its inception Complete Claims Service provided quality appraisals for damaged automobiles and motorcycles.  From this small beginning Complete Claims Service has grown from a home based business to a firm that now occupies 2200 square feet and handles in excess of 10,000 claims per annum. 

While CCS has experienced a fair amount of growth, they have maintained the quality and service for which they have been noted.  At CCS they have embraced new technologies.  New programs and equipment were installed and implemented.  In addition Mark had seen the need for a management system that would allow CCS to assure to their clients that service and compliance to State regulations would be adhered to. 

Complete Claims Service is licensed as General Adjusters in the State of New York (licensing is required).  Although, in excess of 75 % of the files serviced by CCS are still automobile related, they have expanded to include the following services; heavy-duty trucks, trailers and construction equipment.  Property (first and third party), inland marine, vehicle valuations, securing of statements (hand written and/or recorded), locus’, securing of police reports, securing releases and total loss settlement.

CCS is now servicing Clark County Nevada, Florida and Georgia in addition to New York and New Jersey. Click here to check if we service your area.


As a matter of security, as new assignments are entered into our system an automatic search is made for prior losses and or duplicate assignments.   The ability to have a secure system of this nature is self-evident.  A customer of CCS can expect the constant monitoring of files with timely status reports.  All files are properly documented to include date and time of all contacts.

All losses are entered immediately.  As CCS maintains a state-of-the-art computer system, your files can be given attention by any one of our customer service representatives.  Files can be retrieved by any one of the following criteria:

  • Our file number

  • Insured name

  • Claimant name

  • Plate #

  • Last 6 of VIN

  • Client company claim number

  • Phone number

  • Vehicle make and or model

CCS monitors their appraisers as to use of L.K.Q. (Like, Kind & Quality) and aftermarket parts.  Severity checks are made on a random basis.  Severity by client is available as well.  



Our appraisals are written utilizing Audatex’s (formerly ADP) PenPro computerized estimating system. In addition we have recently added CCC’s Pathway’s estimating platform allowing our clients to choose the system they prefer. Should a vehicle valuation be required they are prepared utilizing Mitchell’s Valuemate. Images are digital. With the use of all of the above CCS has the capability of servicing our clients in a paperless environment.


 Are reviewed and negotiated by the management staff.  Clients who elect to settle a portion of their losses utilizing this method have enjoyed an average savings of 18 to 24 % per month.


CCS currently services the immediate New York metropolitan area, portions of upstate New York and most of New Jersey.  The appraisers for New York are properly licensed and bonded as required.  It should be noted that the State of New Jersey does not have a licensing requirement.  All of the appraisers have a minimum of 10 years experience in the Automotive and or Insurance industries.  Some of the appraisers, as well as Mark, have been certified by the National Institute of Automotive Excellence (ASE).   CCS is Certified by I-CAR.  The appraisers continue to attend various I-CAR seminars.  It should be noted that when I-CAR was first established Mark was a trainer.

CCS is a member of the IADA (Independent Automobile Damage Appraisers Association).  Mark is a past President having served on the IADA board for eight years.  In the past he acted as both Secretary/Treasurer and Regional Vice President for the Northeast Region.  CCS maintains membership is IAATI (International Association of Automobile Theft Investigators).  Mark also sat on New York States Reparability Committee.  This committee is not currently active.  This was a committee made up of representatives from all facets of the automobile repair industry.  This included governmental agency, insurance personnel, and auto body, mechanical and glass repairers.


For the client’s protection and security CCS carries Errors and Omissions, full liability insurance, workers compensation as well as non-owned auto coverage.


As noted CCS is available for all you motor vehicle needs.  Full adjustment on all property losses, recorded statements, handwritten statements, inland marine, marine, and locus’.  If requested and given authority CCS will settle losses on behalf of their clients.  Proof of Losses will be secured on request.  As General Adjusters, we may be able to assist and be of service in other areas as well.

It is our sincerest hope that you have found this synopsis truly informative.  If you have any further questions or require additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.

CCS is now servicing Clark County Nevada, Florida and Georgia in addition to New York and New Jersey. Click here to check if we service your area.

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